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Customers Rate 4.6 out of 5 Stars

  • Best protein powder on the market (at least, the unflavored variant). So I bought this stuff. 100% Whey with Sunflower Lecithin (which is actually really good for you) to help it mix easier. Nothing added that some scientist developed. Nothing involved in cancer studies. Nothing that will damage your body...

    -Peter Snyder

  • Excellent product, love the fact that this whey protein has only two ingredients; Whey and sunflower lecithin. I don't want any protein that has a bunch of other junk in it. The taste is natural, smooth and creamy. If you like the over processed, overly sweet tasting proteins out there then you won't like this.


  • As someone who has tried many different proteins, I must say this one is up there with the best of them. The quality of the whey and the protein/carb balance is impressive. It tastes great and does not require additional flavors to be added - just mix with milk/water and you are set.

    -Carl Hungus

  • Other whey powders bother my tummy, but I have NO issues with this one!! I normally don't buy grassfed though so maybe that's why. I appreciate this one is nice, tastes good & is affordable! Vegan protein just doesn't have the same effect for adding muscle & making us look lean at all!


  • Best tasting whey protein! I used ON whey isolate before which is good but the artificial sweeteners left an unsavory aftertaste and they fill it with crap. Levels not only tops them in taste but the product is nearly free of unwanted additives...


  • I have been looking for a paleo/100% natural whey protein for a very long time, and finally found Levels...easy to mix, great flavor, and really high standards...fully loaded with Bcaas so you dont have to waste money buying separate products... For those Crossfitters out there, this is the best!

    -Demetrius Goncalves

  • I have tried almost every Whey Protein on the market and this product exceeds all of them in every category.
    This product met all my expectations. I am happy with this purchase and recommend this item to all who are considering it. Good quality, it mixes very easily and tastes really good. Great value for the price as well.


  • This whey is high quality. It mixes perfectly and has great flavor. I add it to almond or cashew milk, as well as fruit flavored energy drinks to use during my workouts. It gives me plenty of energy and eliminates the need for expensive and ineffective BCAA's.

    -Constance D. Witten



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