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Our Origins

Levels began with the search for something purer...


The origins of Levels started soon after we decided to become clean eaters. Our original inclination was a “clean diet” based on “natural foods”, as they’re marketed. In order to heal our bodies after hard workouts, we consumed large amounts of so-called “natural foods” and other stealthy named products. To compound our mistaken "clean diet”, we followed the advice of sports nutrition “experts” and championed a supplement regimen that was high in conventional, overly processed whey proteins that contained artificial flavors and sweeteners. As a result, we were hurting our workout performance, decreasing our overall health and unintentionally inhibiting our bodies from recovering. When evaluating where we went wrong, we decided to double down and when things finally got worse, we went back to the drawing board.


After utter exhaustion and the inability to boost our wellness and performance, we found answers in the whole foods consumed by our ancient, ancient ancestors. Within no time we changed our habits and our diet to what is now called, the "paleo diet”, which emphasizes organic and grass-fed proteins, earthly origin fats, and fresh produce. Almost immediately, our bodies exploded with a charge of new energy and a refreshment of spirit. By changing what we ate, we reached the next level of performance during workouts and felt invigorated throughout our daily routines. Within a few months, we felt as never before. 

Levels is Born

Finding protein powders was easy, they're everywhere, but we quickly realized no grass-fed options existed. But it wasn't only that. We wanted a whey protein that incorporated other whole foods, something truly next level. We began to create the world’s first 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein that incorporated one full serving of whole fruits and vegetables in each scoop. The final result was a remarkably delicious, nutrient dense, flavor-forward product that truly takes you to new levels. Our flavors and ingredients are completely different and rightly make our products the first of their kind. To do justice to our great tasting products and their next level nutrients we decided to call our company Levels. Paleo friendly, low in sugar, high in protein and packed with amino acids, our commitment to you will always be protein at another level!



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