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What is more important to buy, 100% Grass-Fed or 100% Organic?

We believe that 100% grass-fed animals are beyond organic. 100% grass fed animals eat a nutrient rich, diverse diet of pasture, which creates a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients when compared to other forms of animal rearing. Keep in mind that current USDA regulations permit 100% organic animals to be fed a diet primarily consisting of only corn, soy, and other cheap fillers. These organic feeds lower the amount of omega-3's, CLA, and vitamin E in the animal. Additionally, there is no guarantee that a 100% organic animal did not live the majority of its life in a confined space.

Do you have specific scientific evidence supporting the benefits of grass-fed protein?

There are numerous high quality peer reviewed research articles that confirm the health benefits of grass fed animals vs. grain fed animals.

Where does your grass-fed whey come from?

Levels Grass-Fed Whey comes from certified humane suppliers across the country and we guarantee our whey is from 100% grass-fed pasture raised dairy cows.

Are any of your amino acids added in?

All the amino acids present in our whey proteins are naturally occurring and are not added in from other sources.

Sports & Fitness Nutrition
When is the best time to drink whey protein?

Whey can be consumed before workouts, after workouts, first thing in the morning or prior to bedtime. In addition, protein can be used as a meal replacement when you are on the go or as a high protein snack during the day. But, keep in mind that individual nutritional requirements vary depending on gender, body weight, level of activity and exercise/training intensity and duration. So, it is best to use whey as part of a well-balanced diet that includes whole foods and other protein sources. We do not recommend any Levels product be used as your sole source of nutrition.

Who can drink whey protein?
The short answer: Our products can be used by almost anyone that is not allergic to whey protein. Plenty of athletes drink whey because they may have increased protein requirements, but it is fine for anyone that wants to supplement their protein intake. The protein in our products may be especially helpful when you are:

- Trying to lose weight and tone your body

- Starting a new exercise program to become more fit

- Trying to build muscle

- Increasing the intensity of your work-outs

- A vegetarian (that consumes dairy) and does not get enough protein from dietary sources

Can I use whey protein to gain weight?

Strategies to gain weight should focus on eating more calories (from a balanced diet that can include Levels products used as directed) than you expend and exercising to build muscle mass. Exercise in combination with consuming whey protein may help you consume enough calories to aid in weight gain.

Can I use whey protein to help lose weight?

The smartest way to lose weight is to combine regular exercise with a reduction in calorie intake. Many Levels products can be a part of a calorie-reduced, balanced diet (which should also include whole foods and other protein sources).

Can Levels Grass-Fed Whey Proteins be mixed with liquids other than water?

Our products are designed to be mixed with water and various milks but you can mix the with other liquids too. For truly next level taste try mixing your protein with grass-fed milk, almond milk, coconut water or juices.

How long after mixing should I wait before drinking?

It is best to drink soon after mixing. But, if this is not possible, keep the drink refrigerated and consume as soon as possible. If the product sits in the refrigerator for some time you may want to re-shake the product before drinking. We do not recommend storing refrigerated whey for longer than 12 hours.

What is the best way to store Levels products?

We recommend storing at 40 to 80°F with a relative humidity of 60%. It is best to keep the canister tightly sealed.

Are your products Non-GMO?

All Levels products are GMO free.

Are Levels products corn and gluten free?

Yes, all Levels products are corn and gluten free.

Are Levels products soy free?

Yes, all Levels products are soy free.

Do your products contain lactose?

Yes, they do contain a small amount of lactose, 1g or less per serving.

Are your products processed and packaged in the U.S.A?

Yes, all of our products are processed and packaged in Wisconsin.

Are your whey products rGBH free and are they from A1 or A2 cows?

All of our products are hormone free and our whey is sourced from A2 breed cows.

What is monk fruit extract?

Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo, is a small, round fruit grown in Southeast Asia. Monk fruit extract is created by removing the seeds and skin of the fruit, crushing the fruit, collecting the juice and further processing the juice to obtain a solid extract. The fruit extract, or juice, is about 150–200 times sweeter than sugar and contains zero calories per serving.

What is stevia leaf extract?

Stevia leaf extract, a high purity extract from the stevia plant, is a great-tasting, zero calorie sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

Why do you combine stevia leaf and monk fruit extract in your products?

When combined, these two whole-food zero calorie sweeteners create a delicious taste with no bitterness.

What is the difference between your regular whey proteins and your recovery whey proteins?

Our recovery grass-fed whey protein powders are blended with whole fruit and or vegetable powders that provide long-chain carbohydrates for glycogen replenishment. Our recovery wheys are better immediately after a workout, if you're training at high-intensity or performing multiple workouts per day. Our traditional grass-fed whey protein powders are a better fit if you're focused on lean muscle gain, low intensity training, or if your main goal is to loose body fat.

Do you offer sample sizes of your products?

Unfortunately, we do not sell single serving sample sizes. But, we do stand by our products 100%.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

Free Standard Shipping: 7-10 business days

Expediated Two-Day Shipping: 2 business days

Priority Next-Day Shipping: 1 business days

Can you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, we are able to ship anywhere in the U.S., including PO Boxes.

Do you offer international shipping?

Currently, our products are only available for shipment and sales with the U.S. We apologize for any inconvenience, but hope to add international locations in the near future.