Pure Chocolate
Pure Chocolate
Pure Chocolate
Pure Chocolate
Pure Chocolate
Pure Chocolate
Pure Chocolate
Pure Chocolate
Whey Protein
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Pure Chocolate

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Indulgence without the guilt. Levels Pure Chocolate Whey gets straight to the point. Made with delicious, natural cacao that's not overpoweringly sweet, this is chocolate whey as it was meant to be. You'll find no fake flavors or sweeteners here either, we keep it clean. Scope our labels, they don't lie.

High quality, no aftertaste, & delicious flavor

Taylor Carter on Jul 06, 2020

I was very excited to receive this protein powder. After reading several awesome reviews & being very picky about how different protein powders taste, I ordered this product in chocolate & I’m very happy with it! The flavor is very light, creamy, and not overly sweet. There’s no weird aftertaste & it blends very well! This would make an excellent base for protein coffee or smoothies as the flavor is not overpowering, but still tastes amazing on its own. Excellent ingredient quality. Definitely worth the price and definitely will repurchase!

Clean and delicious

Mel Johnson on Jun 28, 2020

Finally found a clean amazing tasting protein powder. I like clean and lean in my diet. This is incredible so give it a try!

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Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate, Cacao Powder, Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin, Monk Fruit Extract, Stevia Leaf Extract.

Alanine (1050mg), Arginine (600mg), Aspartic Acid (2700mg), Cystine (200mg), Glutamic Acid (4500mg), Glycine (500mg), Histidine (400mg), Hydroxyproline (250mg), Isoleucine* (1200mg), Leucine* (3000mg), Lysine (2200mg), Methionine (600mg), Phenylalanine (750mg), Proline (1900mg), Serine (1400mg), Threonine (1600mg), Tryptophan (500mg), Tyrosine (800mg), Valine* (1200mg)



Quality milk tastes better, way better. That’s why grass-fed hormone-free dairy is the only dairy we use to make our whey protein concentrate. Whey protein concentrate is one of the head honchos of protein, and rightfully so. It’s the least processed form of whey, which means it’s loaded with high-quality complete protein and essential amino acids.


Whether an athlete, fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder or surfer, customers choose Levels for a clean way to build lean muscle, enhance fitness, lose weight and improve their overall health.


Studies show that regular whey protein consumption can enhance the rate of exercise recovery, increase muscle growth more than other types of protein, and decrease the loss of lean muscle mass during fat loss.†


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