How We Celebrate Earth Day


How We Celebrate Earth Day


49 years ago today, we celebrated the first Earth Day. In honor of this momentous occasion, here are a few ways that the team at Levels do our part to help the planet every day.


Limiting Paper Usage

Limiting our paper usage in the office has really helped us to have a smaller carbon footprint as a business. We limit printing multiple copies of our work by using our phones, computers, and doing screens shares during meetings.


Shopping Local

To avoid unnecessary waste, we always try to shop local for our produce. Shopping at local farmers markets for only what we need during the week has helped us to eliminate buying excess produce and reduce food waste. We always bring canvas bags to avoid using those dreaded grocery store plastic bags during shopping excursions.  


farmer's market produce 

Reusing and Recycling

We are proud that our recycling container is always full around here! Our containers are made with plastic HDPE #2 so they are food safe and can be recycled with regular plastics. We also reuse our containers for storing staples we buy in bulk like flour, sugar, and rice.


Cutting Down on Single-Use Plastics

We are really lucky that we have coffee and cold brew available to us in our office so we can avoid single-use plastic cups, styrofoam, and straws. We also make our own coffee and lunches at home and bring them to the office in reuseable tiffins and to go cups with stainless steel straws.


iced coffee in mason jar

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