Why Protein Powder Is So Important ... For Everyone


Why Protein Powder Is So Important ... For Everyone

It's the #1 rule in fitness: Don't short-change yourself on your protein intake. Why? Protein promotes muscle repair and recovery before, during and after a workout. It also provides recovery and immune system benefits, ramps up energy and enhances metabolism. Whether going for a run or lifting weights you're using muscles and they need to be repaired. Without a doubt, protein is the most valuable element in the fitness equation.

As a general rule, you should be eating about 1 gram of quality protein per pound of bodyweight. This is where a quality protein powder literally makes all the difference. Because protein is essential to every fitness goer's arsenal, it's no surprise there is an array of protein powder types from which to choose, including whey, pea, rice, egg, casein, milk and beef. Among athletes, whey protein has long been favored for its purity and recovery power. Studies show that protein, found in Levels Grass-Fed Whey is rich in amino acids and other growth factors and is easily digested and utilized by the body.

For fitness goer's looking for the fastest absorbing protein source, Levels Grass-Fed Whey, for example, spurs recovery almost immediately upon digestion. After taking into account all the powdered protein supplements on the market, it has become increasingly clear that choosing a high quality protein is your best shot for spurring significant workout recovery and increasing fitness performance.

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